Chairman Message

HANIMEX INDUSTRY, 5 years of History and 15 in Achievements,
that, what make us
and It means that we have to maintain and double our efforts
to keep the status we worked hard to reach.

Since we started our operation in 2009 we have been in a race with time to accomplish what
we have set as our goals. In short being ;
* To prove ourselves in the market place as a supplier of a suburb and innovative products,
* To have our fair share of the furniture manufacturing pie,
* And to build a list of satisfied clients and not just customers.

As usual, We have reached our goals and risen above them.

We have expanded our production facilities 3 times of what we started with, We have tripled
our investments in both expanding the actual facilities and production units, We increased
our products units by 10 times, and accordingly We increased our qualified staff to meet the
increased orders, and most important of all, is our list of clients that are well satisfied and
are asking for our products by name .

We are creating A Brand Name .. THE “HAMIMEX” BRAND.

Current and Future Plans:

Previously we said that our manufacturing entity will be a great service to our current and future
clients, because;

– It will save them time, and thus helping our clients to complete their projects faster and start
their activities in less time.
– Will create work opportunities for our talented young people to achieve their goals and aspirations.
– Will help to raise the flag of ” MADE In EGYPT By HANIMEX” motto. and finally,
– This will lead us, to enter and excel as usual in the EXPORT Markets.


* We have been able to cater to major key projects in a multitude of directions and various ways,
to satisfy the ever increasing demands for higher quality that is combined with professional
after sales services .

* We acquired our ISO and TUV certification.

* We exported our brand to few middle eastern countries and negotiations are under way to
export our “ HANIMEX Industry Brand “ to EUROPE.

in the fields of Indoor & Outdoor Furnishing for Hotels & Resorts,
Educational facilities, Offices, pharmaceutical outlets,
Restaurants and Coffee Shops, and last but not least your Home sweet home.

Experience dealing with “HANIMEX INDUSTRY” and you be the judge.

We are YOUR Logical number one CHOICE.